Anticipate failures and reduce downtime

Let your machines talk to PERPETUO

Anticipate failures and reduce downtime

Let your machines talk to Perpetuo

PERPETUO is the solution that transforms the historical experience of plant maintenance into a software platform that can constantly monitor, thanks to Machine Learning algorithms, machinery and its trends to determine any anomalies in advance.
For the customer, PERPETUO is presented as a smart solution that can be accessed from any browser, allowing the customer to view the progress of the parameters monitored on their plants at any time.

Make your machines talk with PERPETUO: work steps and modules


Analysis is the first step. Through failure analysis, the causes of downtime with the greatest negative impact on production are identified. Technical experience gained on die-casting plants and close collaboration with industry-leading machinery manufacturers have enabled Gefond to build complete packages consisting of IoT sensors and modular data collection architectures.


The software uses sophisticated mathematical algorithms, which analyze the data and calculate the risk that failure of a particular component may occur. Working side by side, Gefond engineers and mathematicians from the software house T4SM have in fact designed machine learning algorithms specific to die casting, trained to immediately identify any machinery failure. By constantly monitoring factors such as temperature, vibration, ultrasound and electromagnetic emissions from machinery, in-depth real-time information on plant performance can be obtained. Finally, cloud computing ensures the secure storage of the collected big data that form the basis of predictive analytics.


Sensor networks transmit thousands of data from autonomous sensors, each monitoring a physical or environmental parameter. The work of researching and selecting sensors, which can provide the best solutions available on the market, and implementing them, completes PERPETUO’s predictive maintenance. The best solutions available on the market were identified, with the goal of using ready-made hardware suitable for the harsh environment, and scalable to meet any future needs.


A dedicated preventive maintenance module is included in the PERPETUO system and allows management of a scheduled maintenance program organized by facilities and personnel assignments. This module supports the maintainer for routine operations, allowing him or her to schedule activities and create a history of interventions.

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