Anticipate failures and reduce downtime.

Do predictive maintenance with PERPETUO.

Perpetuo is the user-friendly, intuitive artificial intelligence software for predictive maintenance, the only one that can talk to any machine and peripheral device anywhere in the world.

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How does PERPETUO work?

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence models to identify abnormal behavior, PERPETUO transforms data collected from sensors installed on plants or from machine PLCs into useful information for predictive maintenance of mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, and pneumatic parts subject to wear and tear or failure.
Cloud computing ensures the secure storage of big data collected by machinery.
The software uses sophisticated mathematical algorithms, which analyze the data and calculate the risk that failure of a particular component may occur. The system sends an alert reporting the criticality before the failure occurs. Visualization dashboards complete the operating system.

PERPETUO is the solution that transforms the historical experience of plant maintenance into a software platform that can constantly monitor, thanks to Machine Learning algorithms, machinery and its trends to determine any anomalies in advance. For the customer, PERPETUO is presented as a smart solution that can be accessed from any browser, allowing the customer to view the progress of the parameters monitored on their plants at any time.

PERPETUO in the service of companies

How can industrial artificial intelligence help companies reduce waste, increase productivity and be more environmentally sustainable at the same time?
Predictive maintenance is intelligent maintenance that can predict what will happen in the future, considering the current state of the machinery. The predictive business approach saves costs, improves profitability, provides better service levels for customer satisfaction, and improves safety and environmental performance.

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Discover the full potential of PERPETUO


Taking care of the machinery, not just owning it, that is our mission.


We create more value for your customers and a real competitive advantage for your business by enhancing the predictive power of data.

Can energy efficiency also be done through predictive maintenance?

Perpetuo allows you to keep energy consumption under control and reduce it.
Through data analysis, it makes it possible to understand in advance whether more energy is being consumed than necessary due to component wear and tear or machinery malfunction, and to correct any anomalies found.
This approach also makes it possible to reduce the carbon footprint of industrial facilities, thereby proactively and intentionally adhering to the decarbonization measures needed to combat ongoing climate change.