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Discover the full potential of PERPETUO

The ideal solution for DIE CASTING CELL.

PERPETUO is the platform to monitor data from the entire die-casting cell and apply predictive maintenance to the complete island on all machines of any make and model worldwide. Excellent results so far for both presses and peripherals.
PERPETUO can be easily integrated with any other management, production or maintenance software available on the market.

The ideal solution for your PLANT

With PERPETUO you can monitor your plant’s auxiliary systems, thus avoiding not only production island shutdowns but entire department shutdowns. For example, we have designed dedicated systems for compressor room, pump room, vacuum systems, machining and melting furnaces.
Compressors, as well as suction or pump room motors, are easy to control with appropriate sensors. Analysis of vibration, temperature, and electrical signature allow us to constantly, and without interruption, monitor parameters that are essential indicators of failure. Machining machines also enable us to do important predictive analysis, and to prevent failures of guides and hydraulic components.


The most relevant advantages for those who decide to apply a predictive maintenance plan on their assets are that they are able to identify the real problems to be solved and invest resources to achieve concrete results. To achieve these strategic goals, PERPETUO offers a series of technical kits, conceived and designed on the real problems that can be encountered in die-casting islands.

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Discover the results of PERPETUO

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